4 new medals at Concours des Ligers!

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Our medals this year :

- Gold Medal for Les Fresnettes 2018

- Silver Medal for our new cuvée Chinon de Targé 2018, made from grapes bought to a friend in conversion to Organic production in order to compensate our lack of harvest this year

- Silver Medal for Quintessence Le Gory

- Silver Medal for Quintessence Le Clos du Moulin

New cuvee limited edition: Single Barrel 2016

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Here is  a new cuvée of Cabernet Franc out just for the end of the year: a new technique of vinification allows us to produce this wine in very limited quantities, and we took care of it in one single oak cask for 16 months, and again in bottles for 16 months before launch.

160 bottles and 160 magnums available.

Gold in the Rosé Contest in Cannes !

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What the father never could get,

The son got it. For the greatest pleasure of his progenitor

Vignerons independants Medals

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For the first time, Paul participates in the Independent Winegrowers Competition, which is starting to gain notoriety. Already 2 medals!

Gold for the sweet Coteaux de Saumur 2017

Bronze for the dry Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes 2017

February 2019 : Citation in La Revue des Vins de France

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Our wines have been cited three times in the RVF this month: Les Fresnettes 2016, Targé Tradition 2016 and Cuvée Ferry 2015. See picture attached.

February 2019 : Ligers Medals

A beautiful list of medals belle this year for the annual Ligers contest at the Salon des Vins de Loire :

Bronze Medal for Les Fresnettes 2017

Silver Medal for a brand new cuvée, yet to be launched : Les Cerisiers de Targé 2018

Gold Medal for the Quintessence 2016

Drone video of the domain

May 19th 2018 : Open Doors Day

You are welcome to visit our vines, winery and caves !

May 19th, 10 am to 6:30 pm at Château de Targé, 49730 Parnay.

Bronze Medal in Mâcon

This year the Targé Traditionnel was decorated with the Bronze Medal in Mâcon.

You can find this wine in many restaurants all over France, and of course order it on our website to taste it at home.

Gold Medal for the Quintessence

The concours des Vins de Saumur attracts every year a large number of amateurs of Cabernet Franc and of its different expressions on the terroirs of our region. Today, the Quintessence 2015 was awarded the Gold Medal, on the very month of its launch! This cuvée will better with time, and you can come to the domain to taste it now and keep some in your cellar for 10 or 20 years.

New medals from the Salon des Vins de Loire

A Silver and a Bronze medal this year on our wines from the Salon des Vins de Loire in Angers.

Please come taste them at the Château, open 6 days a week at the moment, and everyday in the summer, starting from the 1st of April!

Saturday June 3rd 2017: open doors day

Saturday June 3rd, the Château de Targé will open its doors to welcome you for a tasting and visit of the vines, winery and caves.

Open doors from 10 am to 6:30 pm, come discover our work and taste the pleasures of the Loire valley wines! Free visit and tasting, no reservation. For more info: +332.

Edouard & Paul Pisani-Ferry

May 14th 2016: open doors day

Saturday May 14th, the Château de Targé will open its doors to welcome you for a tasting and visit of the vines, winery and caves.

Open doors from 10am to 7pm, come discover our work and taste the pleasures of the Loire valley wines! Free visit and tasting, no reservation. For more info: +332.

Edouard Pisani-Ferry

April 2016 : Saumur Contest

Silver medal for the Saumur Brut Blanc de Targé

Bronze medal for the  Saumur Brut Rosé de Targé

June 2015 : 1st Winery labelled High Environmental Value in Saumur

After years of tillage and maintenance of life in our land, it has been found that we are entitled to the label awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture: High Environmental Value!
And we are the first in the Saumur-Champigny Appellation, which fererishly promoted  biodiversity!
This label is precisely to stand up to biodiversity, treatments minimized, and using natural compost instead of chemical fertilizers. It goes further than Terra Vitis we have for fifteen years.

May 2015 : IWC Contest

Gold Medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2013

Bronze Medal for the Sparkling Saumur Brut Blanc de Targé (batch 2012)

Recommended for the Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 2013

Want to know more about our wines?

Saturday May 23rd, the Château de Targé will open its doors to welcome you for a tasting and visit of the vines, winery and caves.

Open doors from 10am to 7pm, come discover our work and taste the pleasures of the Loire valley wines! Free visit and tasting, no reservation. For more info: +332.

Edouard Pisani-Ferry

April 2015 : Saumur Contest

Another medal this week, at the Saumur Contest  : the Saumur Brut de Targé Blanc got the Silver medal.

"A complex wine, straightforward, voluptuous, a bubble that extends an overwhelming delicacy", has already said Perico Legasse, food critic of Marianne magazine (see comments in full in December 2014).

April 2015 Mâcon Contest

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Silver Medal for the Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 2013

Feb 2015 : Angers Contest

Silver Medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2013

Dec 2014 : in "Marianne à Table" issue an article about the Brut Blanc de Targé

Published in "Marianne à table" an article by Perico Legasse very flattering on the Brut Blanc de Targé. Excerpts: "... With its beautiful pale gold, his frank nose of honeysuckle and quince, its mouth with citrus accents and fresh almonds that extends a bubble of an upsetting subtlety, it is a complex wine , right, voluptuous, which holds its rank and its name. This bottle shows that the Loire knows how to make beautiful bubbles...

Nov 2014 : Pierre Seillan the Quintessence's creator

I am moved: the first "Maître de Chai" at Targé I ever had has sky rocketed in the wine making in the last 35 years : he has been dedicated 7 times 100/100 by Robert Parker, the famous "Wine Advocate" : he is now one of the best winemakers in the world.

It has been him who helped me to create the "Quintessence of Targé"

Oct 2014 Cabernet Franc harvest

After the drought and the September sun, mid-October was sprinkled with good rains. The grapes of course have inflated, maturity has been accelerated, and the cool nights have prevented the development of the rot. Good and beautiful fruit, and parcels of old vines very ripe, which helped to make a beautiful Quintessence 2014, and even a bit more than usual!

Oct 2014 Chenin Blanc Harvest


After a stormy and rather cool summer, September was beautiful, really beautiful: Chenin Blanc has reached full maturity and we harvested the last Chenin Blanc grapes JUST before the heavy rains earlier this week ... now it ferments in the cellar and we will have beautiful Fresnettes 2014! Soon, news of our reds ...

Sept 2014 : Hachette Guide 2015

Usually Targé is quoted for its Red or White, but this time it is for its  Brut Blanc, Chenin Blanc two-thirds and one-third Cabernet Franc discreetly aged in barrels and lattes at least 2 years ... "Rather specialist in reds, Edouard Pisani signs here a very elegant Saumur Brut, with aromas of green apple and white flowers (jasmine, lilac). the effervescence is present in the mouth. the balance is pleasant, despite a sensitive dosage. One star (very successful wine)

Sept 2014 : Dussert-Gerber Guide 2015 ( 5 stars )

At the top of his best wines list.

Since 2000, every year gets the Terra Vitis label (independent organisme checking the respect of the environment: tilled soil and grass, compost instead of chemical fertilizers). Vineyard of 21 hectares in  Cabernet Franc and 3 ha Chenin Blan
c. Awarded twice the Excellence in Tourism and got at least 80 medals since 2000, with more than half of them coming from Angers and Macon Contests.

June 2014 : "Loire Ambassador" label

until next Spring Targé 2012 has been selected as an "Ambassador of Saumur-Champigny Appellation" with two other domains ... and one of them is from the same village, Parnay!

May 2014 : IWC Contest, London

A double medal for the Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes 2012

Gold and...International Chenin Blanc Trophy

Nose of beeswax, white flowers and quince. With a lemon palate finishing with a hint of manuka honey. Long fine and bright. Will age for decades.

May 2014 : Decanter Contest, London

Silver medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2012

Commended for the Red Saumur-Champigny Quintessence 2011

May 2014 Mâcon Contest

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76 medals since 2000 excluding citations in guides perhaps, but this is the FIRST for our Saumur Brut Blanc ...

April 2014 Targé wine range tasted in Germany

A young German Master of Wine, Thomas Meissner, has tasted my range of wines and has made comments on his blog : enjoy !
(pages 11, 12 et 13)

April 2014 Foie Gras meets Red Targé 2012

Amazing I tell you ! Mr Nicolas Javoy, sommelier wine merchant La Loupe (perch) recommend this Targé 2012 unusual agreement with the foie gras of his brother, he said with his cute side and crunchy! Try it, I tell you ...

March 2014 : the Belgian journalist quoted again my wines, for the last time

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February 2014 : french speaking blog of the Belgian journalist Bernard Arnould about Les Fresnettes 2012

The Belgian journalist Bernard Arnould has again made a comment...

February 2014 : Angers Contest

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The Angers Wine Trade Fair just closed its doors : Silver medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2012

January 2014 : The Targé wines can be kept many years !

Bernard Arnould, Belgian journalist with all the Belgian truculence, has created a blog dedicated to wine. So see what he wrote on the Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 1988 recognizing "never have imagined such a potential in your wine"

Please on this blog go to the date of 2nd of January, 2014. I am happy...

Nov 2013 A tasting of an Argentina Cabernet Franc

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At home, with family, we recently tasted a Cabernet Franc - the variety of Saumur-Champigny - quite remarkable, from one of the most beautiful regions of Argentina: we find again this typical character of black fruits, blackberries and blueberries, with a touch of roasted nuts and a good dose of black pepper. It really is a good and beautiful little known variety finally!

Oct 2013 Harvest comments

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 After a cold, damp winter and a dull, particularly rainy spring , the weather finally changed at the end of June - to every one's delight -  and became hot and dry . The late flowering took place in good conditions and the three weeks delay in relation to the past few years was reduced to two weeks. Then just before the Autumn equinox we had a welcome 40 mm of rain.  After that, the weather became rather unpredictable, fluctuating between hot, humid, sunny and grey : perfect conditions for ripening ... but also for rot.

The Chenin Blanc harvest in several tris for the Crémants went well, and  we made more than expected, in spite of a severe selection to guarantee the finesse of the bubbles. The "Les Fresnettes" harvest was more difficult, with smaller yields, because although full maturity was reached, the alcoholic degree was not as high as we'd hoped ... but there is fruit, fat, and structure. A twice weekly bâtonnage (stirring the lees at the bottom of the cask to put them back in suspension – good for the arm muscles!)  will be more than necessary this year.

The Reds, paradoxically, were harvested in good shape, as the thick skins of the Cabernet Franc  protected them from rot. They were harvested in the nick of time. Once again we'll be making  fruity, fresh, elegant reds. And there is even a new cuvée in the making, which will be less tannic but more rounded than the Cuvée Ferry....Wait and see !

Sept 2013 : "Le Point" magazine

The Saumur Champigny 2011 du Château de Targé has been noted 14.50 / 20

Red fruits, cherry, very ripe strawberries, meaty, dense, fine tannins, velvety, very fresh, harmonious, greedy. 8 €

Sept 2013 : Hachette Guide 2014

chateau de targe

".... He signs here a  Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 2011 with intense and pleasantly fruity nose, extended by a round mouth, supported by silky tannins. A balanced wine to enjoy now on a steak with shallot. "

Sept 2013 : Dussert-Gerbert Guide 2014

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July 2013 : Gilbert & Gaillard 2014 to be released soon

June 2013 : Wine Enthusiast June issue, USA

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The US Wine Enthusiast  nicely quoted three of my wines in the June issue :

91/100 pour la Quintessence 2010 (Cabernet Franc)

89/100 pour Les Fresnettes 2009 ((Chenin Blanc)

88/100 pour la cuvée traditionnelle Château de Targé 2010 (Cabernet Franc)

I'm happy...

May 2013 : Decanter Contest, London

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Silver Medal for the Coteaux de Saumur 2011

The Tradition Cuvée, Targé 2011 has been "Commended"


A total of 14,362 wines were judged in the 2013 DWWA.
Of these 156 were awarded a Regional Trophy (1.09%), 229 a Gold Medal (1.59%), 1665 a Silver Medal (11.6%), 4165 a Bronze Medal (29%) and 3658 a Commended Medal (25.47%).

May 2013 : IWC Contest results in London

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Silver medal for the Coteaux de Saumur 2011

"Commended" for the Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 2011"

"Commended" for the Quintessence de Targé 2010

May 2013 : Wine House in Saumur

Every year the Saumur Wine House selects the ambassadors for a full year supply. Last year it was the classic Targé 2010 and the sweet Coteaux 2010, this year it is the Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes 2011

April 2013 : MÇcon Wine Contest

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Bronze medal for the Saumur-Champigny Tradition Targé 2011

March 2013 : Quotations in Tasted Journal

In Tasted Journal  Swedish Andreas Larsson, 2007 World Best sommelier and German Markus del Monego, 1998 World Best Sommelier, wrote :

92,5 Château de Targé Les Fresnettes Saumur 2009 (white)

AL - Pale, yellow colour; beautiful nose, firm, flinty and mineral, roasted nuts and citrus confiture (jam), quite mineral style; juicy and vibrant palate, fresh and nervy, almost Burgundian style, mineral with attractively built fruit and a long, lingering aftertaste, very stylish in an austere and vibrant profile. 92 MdM - Bright, yellow with green hue. Initially slight pyrotechnical note, discreet smokiness in a rather Burundian "Coche-Dury Style". Flintstone in the background. On the palate well balanced with excellent length and creamy texture, mature fruit and elegant spiciness in the finish. 93

91 Château de Targé Coteaux de Saumur 2010

AL - Quite deep, golden colour; luscious nose of candied orange, honey and tropical fruits; the palate is unctuous and creamy with tropical fruit, medium to high sweetness balanced by appealing freshness and long, lingering finish. 91 MdM - Golden yellow with amber hue. Aromatic nose with hints of ripe pear, quinces jelly, honey and a touch of minerality. On the palate well balanced acidity and sweetness with rather good length. 91

89,5 Château de Targé Quintessence Saumur Champigny 2010

AL - Medium ruby red; generous nose with some roasted oak, spices and sweet red fruit; the palate is medium bodied, juicy, vibrant with soft texture, good freshness on the finish, some roasted oak, but quite well inte- grated. 88
MdM - Dark, purple red with violet hue and almost black centre. Opulent nose with aromas reminiscent of coffee, dark chocolate, roasted flavours and vanilla. Slightly smokey in the background. Well structured fruit, dark berries and plums. On the palate well structured and balanced with roasted flavours and intense fruit on the tongue and good length. A quite modern, oak driven style. 91

88 Château de Targé Saumur Brut Blanc (Mousseux) 2009 (white)

AL - Light golden colour; quite vinous nose of yeast, brioche, mi- neral and nuts, quite Champagne like; attractive and full palate, creamy texture, good maturity, slightly roasted with yellow fruit, pear, nuts and a long finish - very appealing. 89
MdM - Bright, yellow with green hue. Clean nose with almost ethereal notes, elegant fruit and a hint of minerality. On the palate medium weight and length with crisp character and creamy texture. 87

83,5 Château de Targé Tradition Saumur Champigny 2010

AL - Light to medium, ruby red; young nose of red fruit, herbs and cedar wood; medium weight on the palate, high acidity, integrated but young tannin, fairly long, fresh finish. 84
MdM - Dark, purple red with violet hue. Clean nose with a touch of dark berries and undergrowth. On the palate undergrowth and discreet fruit, medium weight and length. 83

82,5 Château de Targé Saumur Brut Rosé (Mousseux) 2010 

AL - Very pale, Rosé colour; young nose of gra- pefruit, citrus and some floral notes; the palate is fresh, creamy and vibrant with high acidity, crisp fruit and finish. 83
MdM - Pale rosé. Clean nose, but quite closed, displaying little fruit. On the palate rather sim- plistic with firm acidity and medium mousseux. 82

February 2013 : Revue des Vins de France

The renowned wine magazine "Revue des Vins de France" classified Targé in the 112 best red wines of the Loire in 2010:
  "Still reserved, the nose expresses pepper, blackberry and red fruits. The mouth is juicy, tight, dynamic, streamlined and slender. We love this style both lively and straightforward. A  digestible and accurate

February 2013 : Downpours and coteau

chateau de targe

It has fallen 480 mm in the Maine-et-Loire, against 300 mm on average, the period known as replenishment of aquifers from October to March. 60% more than a normal year. We must return to 2000-2001 with 491 mm of rain to break this record. Here ! 2001, the year in which the rampart of the Castle of Saumur collapsed ...

 I am delighted, so delighted to have done last Fall strengthened pillars in a cellar that is going further down under the vineyard behind the Chateau. The bill was nevertheless more than spiced : 60,000 euros excluding taxes ... But prevention is much cheaper than cure, even more as the soil above is up to Cru leel !

 In the picture we can see the beginning of a disintegration vertical pillar right before consolidation

Sur la photo on voit bien le début d'un délitement vertical du pilier à droite, avant consolidation

February 2013 : Ligers Contest in Angers Wine Trade Fair

chateau de targe

In Angers Loire Trade Fair, a Silver Medal has been awarded to the Château de Targé Tradition 2011

January 2013 Excellence Award for Winery Welcome

chateau de targe

For the second time, in four years, we get the Excellence Diploma for the Welcome in the Winery...

For information, from now on, the Winery will be open every day from 15th of March to the 15th of November.

Oct 2012 : Quotation in the "petit Fut»' Angers 2013

Saumur Blanc Fresnettes 2009 - 12

It keeps the aromas of white fruits and honey, on the nose franc is full and generous in the mouth, with just enough bitterness in final score. Only when eating a fine and spicy cuisine. Tahitian monkfish papillote.

Cabernet de Saumur 2011 - € 6.50

Pale salmon,acidulous and fruity altogether, the freshness is here, but the balance is fragile, confirmed on the palate, with a round attack. Fortunately a  tender and very lemony final, perhaps too loaded in sugar. A seafood sauerkraut with lemon butter will be perfect! Note: vintage run out

Château de Saumur-Champigny Targé 2010 - € 7.80

Close to the "type", we like this wine fresh. Beautiful deep garnet nose slightly reduced (a habit for Edouard) that guarantees the flavor over time. Nice structure and balanced tannins. In short, a nice wine to serve ideal for picnics and barbecues.

Harvest 2012 comments

After a particularly complicated vintage with a late spring, hot and rainy July,  particularly dry August and early September,

It has fallen 186 mm of rainfall in the month of October in Angers, about 140 mm in my rain gauge! (Indeed, the Saumur region is the driest and hottest part of the Loire, which is why we can make good reds). To find such a rainy month of October we must go back to October ... 1945 or October 1966.

The lack of concentration that results did not permit us to make the cuvees Ferry, Quintessence and Coteaux. The Cuvée Traditionnelle will be pleasant, fruity and somewhat tasty, and matches perfectly to what is thought of a good Saumur-Champigny : well balanced, pleasant to drink and matching with many modern menus, especially with fish. The Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes will be present, more on the softness than on the concentration. Nevertheless, it will be a real success for Crémants and Rosé I guess !

We should have a decrease of volume by a third... it is the smallest harvest ever since 1991 and 1971, vintages when the vines have freezed.

Guide Hachette 2013

chateau de targe

Coteaux de Saumur 2010 ***

'In this former hunting lodge, famous people have stayed, as Gambetta and Jules Ferry. We can not say if this is the first who conceived the idea of ​​raising an army of the Loire to fight the Prussians who besieged Paris, and if the latter wrote to the secular laws of
the school of the Republic. Anyway, we can imagine that these two great men would have loved this exceptional wine adorned with glittering gold, the delicate aromas of candied fruits make it particularly attractive. The elegant mouth is equipped with an acidity that perfectly balance the residual sugar (162g / l). A meditation wine to enjoy listening a great music. (50cl bottle)."

Dussert et Gerbert 2013 Guide release

"... A reference with its Saumur Champigny Château de Targé 2010, fleshy, fragrant mouth, nose of violets and red fruit overripe ample and finessestructure, good guard (€ 7.75).

Cuvée Ferry is back with the 2009 vintage, intense, spicy, with rich tannins, powerful mouth, garnet colored, good structure, a wine that is worth waiting for better use of its potential (14 ), as Saumur Champigny Quintessence Old Vines 2010, with ripe blackcurrant notes and spices, strong and harmonious wine with firm tannins, rich color, full-bodied, mouth powerful but very elegant, very promising (20 ).

The Coteaux de Saumur 2010 breds a dozen months in barrels, is a wine of persistent mouth, sweet and powerfull, a nice finish aromatic, really tasty (21 €, worth it).
Cabernet de Saumur Rosé Targé 2011, a new cuvée, all in the mouth, dry and tender at the same time (6 ).

Remarkable Saumur  White Fresnettes 2009 (Chenin from selective picking and a total brending in barrel), bronze medal in Macon, sweet, a great aromatic persistence, both rich and delicate, the mouth is nuanced where we can  find themselves heather and citrus (12 ).

We can also  taste the Saumur Brut Rosé 2010, 100% Cabernet Franc, while subtlety of flavors (cooked fruit, hawthorn), foam lively, discover a wine as an aperitif or prawns (€ 9).

Beautiful white Saumur Brut 2009 (70% Chenin Blanc, 30% Cabernet Franc), partial aging in barrels used for Fresnettes, light foam and persistent flavor combination and distinction, with notes of toast, peach and narcissus, a vintage well distincted (9.50 €). No hesitation."

Gilbert et Gaillard 2013 Guide release

Coteaux de Saumur 2010: 88/100
supported colour . Expressive nose of candied apricot, tangy touch more exotic. The taste is sweet with a great concentration and freshness. The final character is appealing and attractive. A successful exercise in style to enjoy with a dessert. '

The Fresnettes 2009: 89/100
" Light gold colour.
Deep nose, rich, developing notes of honey, vanilla, and  woody.
The mouth is surprisingly by it's volume, it's balance fat-freshness. The fruity aromas combine with woodlands. Overall nice outfit. "

Saumur Brut Targé: 85/100
"Light yellow color. Nose very fond of evoking the apple flesh. The mouth is ripe, fruity, coated with a pleasant freshness again dominated by white fruit. A candid style, very expressive ideal for an aperitif"

Ferry Cuvée 2009: 89/100
"Red colour, reflections of youth. Pleasant nose combining aromas of red fruits and chocolate notes. The mouth in a nice area with ripe tannins and a fruit melted and well developed. A rich style, distinctive, very pleasant."

Targé 2010: 88/100
"Dense bright red colour. Expressive nose, intense with hints of red fruits, licorice and cocoa. Expanded mouth with silky tannins, freshness is the appointment, the flavors are freely expressed. Pretty bottle. "

Quitessence 2010: 91/100
"Dark color with violet hues. The nose combines black fruits and tone grilled, roasted elegant. On the palate, a nice use of wood whose quality does not affect the expression of the fruit. An a
mbitious  wine which needs to age.

Capricious weather in Targ»

In May, while the shoot was going normally out of the winter, a slight cold that  remembers everyone including urban cloistered in their offices remained several weeks. The result is that the output of the bud development were spread, as you can see in the picture 1 below attached. However, this is not the first time that happens, we do not attach too much importance for a late spring and a warm summer to allow the vine to "redo". I admit that it can also do all the work quietly without spring stampede as tillage as you can see on the picture 2.

And PATATRAS ..! May 30 at 16 h 45 a rain calm intensifies to become torrential as evidenced by the photo 3: close to 30 mm in 20 minutes, and 50 mm with neighbors! And a violent wind, which breaks the
upright cane (photo 4) with a good hail which provoqued 20% damage (more than 60% of said neighbors)

And since this moment,  rains and rains succeed, with just
enough lull  to do the treatments. I hire many people because we have to save the Soldier Bunch of Grapes. This is where the Bios are very strained. I'm happy to be just Bio for the ground, but not necessarily for treatment because mine can spend a dozen or fifteen days without having to use the tractor while my immediate neighbor had to do five treatments in two weeks.

Extract from local newspaper: 1 April - 30 June: 228 mm of rain! * This Spring 2012 is in the fourth position among the wettest since after the war, "says Jean-François Rigourd technician at Météo France.
Not only it is raining, but the colder it gets! The temperatures of the last three months have ranged between 9.5 and 19 °. The offender: largely the sun which  has pointed the tip of its rays
only 151h against an average of  227h ...

The annual average of rainfall in Saumur is 540 mm against 900 mm  of national average so that Saumur - Chinon corner is the hottest and driest of the Loire:  that is why we can even make great red wine...

June 2012 Int'l Wine Challenge, London 2012

Three trophies :

- "Commended" for the Saumur Champigny ChÇteau de Targ» 2010

- "Commended" for the Saumur Blanc les Fresnettes 2009

- "Bronze" for the Coteaux de Saumur moelleux 2010

May 2012 : Decanter Medals, London

chateau de targe


A Gold World Wine Award for the Coteaux de Saumur 2010 : "butterscotch, well balanced acidity, honey and apricot"

A Bronze World Wine Award for the Saumur-Champigny Cuvée Ferry 2009

This year, more than 200 vintners, sommeliers, journalists and authors served on the jury. Among them 54 "Master of Wine" and 11 master sommeliers. They were meeting to try and reward wines from around the world in the competition. 47 countries participated.

May 2012 : Open Day of Pentecost

Each year, we open the doors for you to visit the Vines, the Chai (winery) and Cellars on Saturday of the Pentecost, namely Saturday May 26th, 2012.

The Domaine will remain open on Sunday and Monday of Pentecost.

April 2012 : Grands Vins de France Contest in MÇcon

chateau de targe

Bronze Medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2009

April 2012 : Quotation in the Journal de Montr»al, Qu»bec

Chateau de Targe 2009, Saumur-Champigny ($ 22.50) ** 1/2 * (two stars and a half):

"light, fresh and easy to drink like a Beaujolais (although of course the wine is made ​​from pure Cabernet Franc), but with more substance and structure"

March 2012 : "ThereÌs no question that Loire Cabernet Franc offers good value for money" is a Internet newspaper written by and for uk on trade drinks professionals : please take time to read this recent release :

Quintessence of Targ» '06 has been nicely quoted :

‘Ripe and jammy nose of cassis and blueberry, with a hint of liquorice, and plenty of smoke,’ AP. ‘Wonderful aromas on the nose, followed by a good balance of oak and fruit on the palate, accompanied by good acidity,’ EW.
£18.00, Jascots Wine Merchants,Ü020 8965 2000

February 2012 : Angers Contest

chateau de targe

Gold Medal for the sweet Coteaux de Saumur 2010

Silver Medal for the  Saumur-Champigny Cuvée Ferry 2009

Now we have got more than 60 medals ever since 2000, when Targé was first labelled Sustainable Viticulture Terra Vitis, more than half of them delivered through the much sought after contests of Angers and Mâcon !

 The picture shows the castle under snow, which lasted two weeks.


January 2012 : Lu sur la page Facebook du Cheval Blanc á propos du Cabernet Franc

Le cabernet franc est un cépage rouge. Il appartient à la famille des Carmenets, dont il est le membre le plus proche des variétés sauvages. Selon Guy Lavignac, il proviendrait du côté espagnol du vignoble pyrénéen et aurait gagné le sud-ouest de la France grâce aux pélerins de retour de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

Ce cépage est planté sur environ 45 000 ha dans le monde dont 36 000 ha en France. L'Aquitaine possède plus de la moitié des superficies cultivées, vient ensuite la vallée de la Loire.

Il se distingue par sa finesse aromatique, ses arômes épicés et parfois de poivron et sa bonne aptitude au vieillissement, vis-à-vis du cabernet-sauvignon qui présente moins d'intérêt organoleptique mais plus de composés phénoliques.

Le vin produit à partir du cabernet franc est peu riche en tanins et par conséquent vieillit assez rapidement. Il est connu pour sa finesse. Selon les terroirs, les parfums évoqués par les connaisseurs se rapprochent de la framboise (Vignoble de Bourgueil) ou de la violette (Vignoble de Chinon).

Si le célèbre Château Cheval Blanc (Gironde) a ainsi 60 % de son encépagement issu de cabernet franc, il s'agit bien d'une exception. Ce cépage révèle toute sa dimension dans le Val-de-Loire du côté de Bourgueil, Chinon et Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil et Saumur-Champigny par exemple.

2011 Harvest

chateau de targe

What a complicated vintage it was, but it actually turned out to be more than successful, resulting in wines with good fruit and delicacy,  despite lacking a bit of concentration.
The weather certainly wasn't typical: after a fast kick-off in March, April broke all the records (it hadn't been so hot since 1947!). May was so good that the flowering of the Cabernet Franc was over before the end of the month whereas it usually doesn't start until mid-June.
And then…July 2011 will go down in history as the coldest in the last thirty years : according to the weather station at Angers,  this was the eleventh wettest and the eighth cloudiest summer since the creation of the station in 1945. Oh, my…
Nevertheless…the producers with their late-ripening grape varieties Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc managed to come up trumps. A hot and radiant Indian summer settled in for several weeks after the September 21st Autumn equinox - to the extent that by the beginning of October we were worrying it was too hot! (We even swam in our outside pool on 2nd October - and that's a first!)
We harvested between 20th of September and 6th of October. We were, admittedly, lucky, but it was also because we were patient and were in a 
position to be able to wait.

Oct 11 : Petit Fut» 2012

Released in le Petit Futé 2012 "1001 wines for not more than 10 euros"

"A very pleasant aperitif with the Saumur Brut Rosé full of fruit and lively, with aromas of raspberry and redcurrant, pretty dense bubble. 9 euros"

" Targé 2009 : Always a constant classic for the winery, a Cabernet Franc treated well, fairly nervous attack, well built, flourishing in the aeration. 7.50 euros"

Oct 11 : article published in Decanter's August 11 issue

Here is what was published in the August 11 Decanter issue, after a tasting in December 2010  :

Targé 2009 : "slightly vegetal on the nose. Traditional style with green pepper, strawberry, cinnamon spice and soft tannins. Juicy and refreshing." 15.33/20, available in Majestic, £ 9.99

Cuvée Ferry 2009 : "Restrained aromas. Good fruit flavours with plenty of spice and a tannic structure. confident and vigorous wine with a very long finish. promising" 15.5/20, not available in UK

Sept 2011 : Hachette Guide 2012

"This former hunting lodge of the secretary of Louis XIV, ancestor of the family Pisani-Ferry, was inhabited by famous people like Gambetta or Jules Ferry. The wines are matching to the height of the prestigious past. As a witness, this Coteaux de Saumur 2009 ** made ​​from two tries, including one carried out on 1st of December! `

It impresses with its rich palette of aromas with hints of candied fruit, citrus and dried grapes. Rich and round, the mouth stays fresh, delicate, and leaves a sense of balance. A wine that carries with it all the elegance of the Loire Valley."

Sept 2011 : Dussert-Gerber Guide 2012

"I appreciate my friend Edward, warm and passionate, from my first Guide and I followed, vintage after vintage, his progress that lead him to the top of his wines' Appellations.

Since 2000, he got every year the label "Terra Vitis" (independent organism checking the respect of the environment): cultivated soil and grass, compost replacing chemical fertilizers..

 Saumur Champigny Targé 2009,  garnet, fragrant, rich on the palate, with well balanced tannins, combining tannic structure and roundness, very affordable (7.50 €). La Cuvée Ferry 2009 is intense, spicy, with rich tannins, powerful mouth, deep garnet color, good structure, a wine that is worth waiting for better use of its potential (14 €) : as the 2008 Quintessence, rich on the nose and mouth, still young, a great aromatic complexity, combining breadth and richness of tannins on the palate (20 €).
Beautiful Saumur Brut Blanc 2008 (70% Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc 30%), partial aging in barrels that have been used for Les Fresnettes, light  and persistent foam, combining savor and distinction, with notes of toast, peach and narcissus , what a distinction (9 €). The Saumur Brut Rosé 2009 develops on the nose and mouth with aromas of red fruit, a round wine with fine bubbles and bright, ideal on a strawberry dessert (9€).

Very charming, Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2008 (Chenin from severe sortings, on low yields and a total breeding in barrels), sweetness of fresh fruit and ripe, rich and distinguished (12 €).
Goûtez également le Coteaux de Saumur 2009 , (élevage une bonne dizaine de mois dans les fûts qui auront servi pour les Fresnettes) , de charpente fine et bien équilibrée, un vin charmeur, riche et persistant en bouche, savoureux, d'excellente garde (21 €). Vous hésitez encore ?"

Sept 2011 : Bettane & Desseauve Guide 2012

"Château de Targé Saumur Champigny 2009 : Red pepper and suppleness of tannins, this wine has an immediate charm."

June 11 : Article in The Telegraph

Published in the newspaper "The Telegraph", London :

"Chateau de Targe 2009 Saumur-Champigny, France (13%, £8.99 down from £9.99 when you buy two, Majestic)

Light-bodied Loire cabernet franc seems made for warm June and July days. From a superb Loire vintage, this is smooth as a fold in satin, it has ripe yet poised fresh fruit, and its texture and glide is like throwing a paper plane and watching it fly. Very elegant. Drink slightly chilled, perhaps with rare lamb chops."

May 2011 : Int'l Wine Challenge Contest, Londres

In the International Wine Challenge Contest (IWC), we got :

A Silver medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2008

A Silver medal for the Saumur-Champigny Quintessence 2008

A Silver medal for the Coteaux de Saumur 2009

A Bronze medal for the Saumur-Champigny Château de Targé 2008.


May 2011 : Decanter Contest, London

chateau de targe

In the famous Decanter Contest in London, 

The Saumur-Champigny du Château de Targé la Quintessence 08 has been "Commended",

The Saumur Blanc du Château de Targé Les Fresnettes 08 got a Bronze medal,

The Côteaux de Saumur 09 du Château de Targé also got a Bronze medal.

April 2011: MÇcon Contest

Silver Medal for the sweet white wine AOC Coteaux de Saumur 2009 of the Château de Targé.

April 2011 : Pierre Seillan's consecration by Robert Parker

Pierre Seillan, the winemaker of St Emilion, who helped me to create the Quintessence de Targé, and flying winemaker in Tuscany (Italia) and in Sonoma (Northern California), has been recently consecrated by a second note of 100/100 by Robert Parker, the  famous US Wine Advocate whose tasting notes are so much dreaded when published.

I am even more proud as his second note of 100/100 concerns a Californian red wine, with no less than 60 % of Cabernet Franc (and 35 % of Merlot) while the Quintessence de Targé (100 % Cabernet Franc) follows more or less the same process!

Born in the SouthWest of France, this good old friend - he helped me to restart the Château de Targé winery when I inherited it 35 years ago - fell then "in love" of the Loire Valley Cabernet Franc, and obviously for ever.

March 2011: Quoted in the Gilbert & Gaillard 2012 Guide, already

Saumur Brut Blanc du Château de Targé 2008
Light gold colour. Creamy nose with white fruits and cave's aromas. Supple and light mouth with fine and thin bubbles. The creamy touch is back on the finale. A Saumur Brut that will be good for desert. 84/100

Saumur Blanc Dry, fermented and aged in oak barrels Les Fresnettes 2008
Bright and frank coulour. Delicate oaky nose (vanilla, pine), with white fruits notes after a few minutes. Rich mouth, still dominated by the ageing aromas. A qualitative structure associated with intense perfumes. A Chenin worth keeping. 89/100

Saumur-Champigny traditionnel, Targé 2009
Nice dark purple coulour. Very tipical cabernet nose (earth, pepper, ripe red fruits). Supple, balanced, with silky tannins. The rich aromas are well emphasized: a classic for the Saumur-Champigny AOC. Ideal for grilled meet. 88/100

Saumur-Champigny old vines, Cuvée Ferry 2009
Middle frank colour. Tipical nose bringing to mind earth vegetal, ripe red and black fruits. Supple mouth which is seductive through its fruity freshness and its fine tannins. The finale is warmer, probably linked to its young age. Some good potential. 85/100

Saumur-Champigny old vines in oak barrels, Quintessence 2008
Frank colour. Oaky grilled nose with fruits of the forest (blackcurrant, redcurrant). A racy wine, rich, with fine tannins, well integrated oak, velvety. A rich and generous cuvée which will be greater once the oak is well-matured. Beautiful wine. 90/100

Coteaux de Saumur du Château de Targé 2009 (Sweet white wine)
Beautiful bright colour. Rich and fine nose, recalling almond paste, honey, roasted fruits. Remarkable mouth, dense, rich, with a tender sweetness. The aromas are long, elegant, sophisticated. Balance between sugar and freshness: a success. 93/100

January 2011: Angers Wine Trade Fair Contest

Bronze medal for the AOC Saumur oaked dry Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes 2008.

Bronze medal for the sweet AOC Coteaux de Saumur 2009.

January 2011 : Quotation in the "Revue des Vins de France"

Château de Targé Cuvée Ferry 2009

A un moment donné appelée Héritage, d'un style dense (fruit noir et réglisse), qui reste très accessible, tout en développant une bonne persistance. 15 / 20

Available this summer 2011

January 2011: Quintessence 2006 cited on (food & drinks great French guide)

"Quintessence de Targé is very well named. The '06 expresses intense touch of ripe fruits and warm earth. In the mouth, the texture is very bold, but the Cabernet is present to bring its freshness to the wine."

Unfortunately, this vintage is already run out.

December 2010: such a kind message that I am bound to publish

16th of december 2010, the menu for the Mess des Officiers of the Ministry of Defense in Paris at the Christmas celebration:

"...I could not help but to honor this wine. You should know that with a 'suprême de volaille Nantua', the 'pieds-de-mouton sautés' and the 'rattes du Touquet au four', the Saumur-Champigny 2008 from Château de Targé was in perfect harmony. Its velvety was remarkable and its distinguished finesse was loved by the women present at the celebration."

Maître principal Jean-Noël Boutard, mess des officiers de l'hötel de la Marine.

December 2010: a sparkling Saumur out of a great terroir

Read in the local newspaper "Le Courrier de l'Ouest", last dec 21st:

"François Vicente, cavist of the Vins & Company in the south of Saumur, selected Chateau de Targé's production from Parnay for two reasons. While this bottle was elaborated with the strict specifications used for Crémant de Loire - manual harvest, ageing on laths for more than 24 months, etc. - Edouard Pisani-Ferry decided to keep the Appellation Saumur Brut. An elegant - as the wine - way to show the value of the terroir.

"It is a tip of the hat for a balanced wine, lightly oaked, bold and round. An interesting thin bubble structure which will be perfectly adequate for an aperitive. - 11euros"

November 2010: Global Warming in Loire Valley

Etienne Neethling, trainee at the National Institute of Agronomical Research of Angers, made last autumn a synthesis of the meteo data from the 60 past years and of the maturity/ripeness controls over the 30 past years, all along the Loire Valley. Evolutions are astonishing:

Average temperatures
Average 1,3°C increase during the year, higher increase during summer than during winter.

Annual average stable with fewer and heavier rains.

Quantitative ripeness at harvest
From 1,5% to 2,5% increase in potential volume : 1 to 3 g/L decrease in total acidity.

Angers' climate is now compared to Bordeaux's 60 years ago...

October 2010: Harvest days!

Once again, a good and attractive vintage !

In mid September the harvest was already looking very promising, in spite of a dryness which began to worry us (hey, the vine is a plant and needs water as any other plant. As it is, the Saumur area is the dryest and hottest spot in the entire Loire Valley...).

And the rain came as hoped, at the end of September. But then, a little bit too much...oh dear, the rot will explode...then in October, just as the producers were beginning to pull their hair out (mostly those who had not grassed through their vines nor their grapes ventilated), the good weather returned, bringing with it a chilling and drying north-easterly wind  : so we harvested the Cabernet Franc for the reds in a perfect state, obtaining 14° !

The Chenin Blanc grapes (which are sensitive to rot) concentrated so quickly that two tris were made within a week of each other, with juice coming in at 20°.

Happy as a king in his Loire Valley kingdom - even if the yields were lower than the previous year.

September 2010: Guide Hachette 2011

chateau de targe

"Amateurs already know the story of this domaine, which is
featured regularily in our guide. A former residence of Louis XIV's
personal secretary, Gambetta and Jules Ferry also lived there, not to
mention Edgard Pisani, Minister of Agriculture and father of the
present owner."

Château de Targé, Saumur Champigny 2008

"This garnet-red Saumur-Champigny 2008 has a classic bouquet of ripe
cherries underpinned with hints of leather. Supple and well-balanced
on the palate, the silkiness of the tannins supports the maturity of
the wine. Enjoy with a juicy steak with shallots, or, as our epicurian
producer says, with monkfish cooked in mustard or skate with capers.."

Château de Targé, Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2008

"Edouard Pisani-Ferry, at the helm of this estate since 1978, has named
this cuvé after his mother. The grapes used were treated as if they
were going to be made into sweet wine, but were then picked
deliberately early and vinified as a dry white. The nose is certainly
that of grapes harvested at full maturity: the ripe fruit flavours
dominate, but there is also a touch of citrus fruits and restrained
vanilla oakiness. This follows on the palate which is powerful, almost
sweet, but balanced with a good acidity that gives it a pleasant lift
on the finish. A rich wine that we would recommend with grilled
chicken or salmon in a cream sauce."

"The Saumur Brut Blanc de Targé 2007, is full-flavoured and toasty making
it an appetising start to a meal - why not with cuttlefish cooked in
garlic and parsley. It has been quoted."

September 2010: Guide Petit Fut» "The 1001 best wines under 10 ƒ"

La Rose de Targé 2009, AOC Cabernet de Saumur, 6.50 €

"A rosé well done for amateur, fruit in the sweetness and freshness, nuances of citrus and spring flowers."

Château de Targé 2006, AOC Saumur Champigny (red), 8.50 €

"A classic of the appellation, an quite strong attack, an expressive mouth of the terroir, which is pleasantly round while remaining tense"

September 2010: Bettane & Desseauve wine guide

Targé 2008 : 13.5 / 20

There is a suppleness of tannins with hints of red fruits"

Quintessence 2006 : 15 / 20

"This well structured old vines' wine is still marked by its breeding, but the fruit comes well behind: he must wait another few months"


September 2010: Guide Dussert Gerber 2011

"...Superb Saumur Champigny Ch de Targé 2008 (7.50 €), deep colour, complex nose
sporting all the characteristic spiciness and ripe redberry flavours
of the Cabernet Franc. Well structured, with good keeping potential.

The Saumur-Champigny Quintessence Vieilles Vignes 2006 (19 €) offers a
superbly rich mouthful, with long-lingering flavours of cherries and
blackberries. Intense and aromatic on the nose, good keeping

Also not to be missed is the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2007 (12 €) made
from specially selected Chenin grapes from low-yield vines, matured in
barrel. Very classy and elegant, loads of acacia flower, fern and
apple notes on the nose, rounded and perfumed on the palate.

The novelty is the Saumur Brut Blanc de Targé 2007 (11 €) made from 70 %
Chenin Blanc,  30 % Cabernet Franc. Part - matured in barrels previously used for the Fresnettes cuvé. Harvested exactly as per the Crémant its bubbles are restrained but long-lived, combining flavour and class with nuances of hot toast, peaches and narcissi. A very elegant cuvée.

Not to be missed."

September 2010: Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2011

Brut de Targé 2007 : 85 / 100
Sparkling wine - Saumur Brut A.O.C.
"Light yellow. A precise nose conjures up ripe white fruit over mineral, cellar-like undertones. The palate is well-balanced and fruit-driven, its exuberance is nicely softened by bubbles which impart a creamy sensation on the finish".

Château de Targé 2008: 88 / 100
Red wine - Saumur Champigny A.O.C.
"Bright red. Distinctive nose mingling black and red fruit, liquoricy and mineral notes. Lovely suppleness, freshness and crunchy fruit on the palate. A more robust finish is a reminder of its youthfulness. A stellar wine with enjoyable typicity."

July 2010: Anthony Rose "In summer I am attracted to lightly chilled reds that are light to medium in body, with little or no oak"

In the serious newspaper The independent this week end 24-25 of July, "Food & Drink" released this nice and interesting article quoting the Château de Targé '07 :

June 2010: In TAST by Bettane & Desseauve

In an article by famous wine journalists Bettane & Desseauve :

Château de Targé 2008 : "Souple and fine tanins, nice fruit with a fresh end: this wine is elegant"

Quintessence 2006 : "This cuvée is well structured with its old vines and defined by its ageing, then the fruit comes at the end. Better to wait a few months."

June 2010 : Comments in London Wine Trade Fair

Two of my wines have been selected as "ambassadors" on the stand of Cabernet Franc in this professional fair :

Targé 2008 : "Nice, fruity, light, fresh style.  Soft, well made red fruit.  Nice, crisp, zesty style.  Red fruit, super silky texture."

Targé 2006 : "Ripe. Not typical, over-ripe style. There is a market for this style. It's not an ambassador though as lacks typicity. Created great debate amongst jury."

June 2010: Saumur-Champigny wines invade the US!

Hello Americans of New York !

As a member of the syndicate of Saumur-Champigny, I was happy to participate to the project of promoting our grape variety Cabernet Franc in New York :

My son, still a student, speaks english much better than me and will promote by himself our wines when the time comes.

May 2010 : Decanter World Wines Awards, London

chateau de targe

Bronze Medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2007

The Saumur-Champigny Quintessence de Targé 2006 has won a Commended medal.

Saturday May 22th, 2010: Open Doors Day

Want to learn about wine? On Saturday 22nd of May, the Château de Targé is organizing an open doors day to welcome you for a visit of its vines and caves, and a wine tasting of all its products.

Saturday 22nd May 2010, from 10am to 7pm, see "Contact" for a map of the region. The Château will be open on following Sunday and Monday.

April 2010 : MÇcon Contest

Bronze medal for the Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes 2007

Bronze medal for the Rosé Cabernet de Saumur Rose de Targé 2008

April 2010 : Selection of Loire Cabernet Franc Ambassadors for the British Isles

Our regional corporation - InterLoire - has launded a selection of ambassador wines issued from Cabernet Franc for the UK market.

I am most than happy to learn that  Château de Targé 2008 has been selected amongst a half dozen of Saumur-Champigny as an ambassador. Because the British are known to reject a mean or lean, or over-extracted, aggressive wines. As says Sarah Ahmed, member of the jury :" producers are easing off extraction and use of oak to let the fruit fly and terroir talk."

March 2010 : Pierre Seillan, who inspired the Quintessence de Targ», obtains the 100/100 note from Robert Parker

Pierre Seillan, who began at Targé in 1977 as a vine manager and maitre de chai, and who is a long lasting friend of the family, is currently flying winemaker  between California (Sonoma Valley), Tuscany in Italy and St Emilion.

Robert Parker, of The Wine Advocate, just awarded him the supreme notes of 100, 98 and 99 out of 100 for three of his californian wines.

I am proud of having so well listened to him when I created the Quintessence of the Château de Targé...


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February 2010: Angers' wine competition

chateau de targe

Targé 2008: Bronze Medal

February 2010 : Published in the 20 Minutes parisian newspaper

Saumur-Champigny, a vineyard model. 20 Minutes, February 2010

"The vineyard of Saumur-Champigny is the first AOC to be committed to a program of implementation of biodiversity in all its terroir.

More than two years ago, growers have joined together to establish a network of Ecological Zones Tanks (RSA) of the nine municipalities of the AOC. No input of pesticides and fertilizers does natural regulation of the agro-ecosystem wine. For growers who engage in this process of restoring the ecological balance, this means to stimulate and increase biodiversity by planting a hedgerow network with various species of shrubs to shelter birds and insects.

This AOC has many settings that promote the culture of the vine which is staged on hillsides along the Loire. The richness of its clay-limestone soil and the presence of limestone in the basement, the Upper Cretaceous limestone absorbs winter precipitation and return it sparingly during periods of drought avoiding the grapes to suffer. This soil has the particularity to store the heat of the day and return them overnight, hence the Latin name "Campus ignis" which means field of fire. Always anxious to preserve the typicity of the terroir and the unique personality of its wines, Union producers of Saumur-Champigny supports growers who perpetuate a true expertise on a local history since the vines are cultivated since the Middle Ages ".

January 2010: Oenotourism Excellence Label

As we answered correctly to 98 % of the criterias concerning the reception of tourists in our cellar, we had the honour to be awarded the Oenotourism Excellence Label.

My Assistant, Mrs Pascale Passe, was most pleased as it was she who acknowledged the unexpected controller.

December 2009: comments of journalist Andreas Larsson from "Tasted" magazine about Loire valley wines

Côteaux de Targé 2007: Nice golden colour, intense and sweet nose, of honey and apricot, fresh and vibrant palate with a rich and unctuous sweetness, long finish with a good emphasis on freshness and minerality.

Fresnettes 2007: A hint of oak, ripe citrus and some floral notes on the nose, dry and crisp palate, fresh finish, needs some more time for the nose to settle.

Quintessence 2006: Quite modern and oaky nose, good fruit, still a little austere with wood tannins, high freshness, rather long, needs a few more years to soften.

Harvest 2009

The 2009 harvest went really (really) well - magnificant bunches of grapes and not a sign of rot until the superb noble rot that formed on the Chenin destined to make the Coteau de Saumur, which we'd saved to harvest last. Couldn't have been better.

This said, it wasn't an easy year; it was pretty wet in the spring, even during the flowering period, and summer started chaotically, with hail in some regions. But then the weather turned lovely and hot ... and the vines started suffering from drought! Luckily for us, our clay-and-limestone soil had acted as a kind of sponge, storing the water, which it then released to the roots when most needed. In mid-september the much-sought-for rain came, preventing the grapes from drying out on the vines. After this, the weather was wonderful right through to 22nd October. Two days after we'd finished harvesting!

2009 will be a great vintage for the Château de Targé.

September 2009: Cited on the Hugh Johnson 2010 wine guide

I am most happy to discover that once more my Saumur-Champignys have been quoted in this pocket book.

September 2009: Cited on the Hachette 2010 wine guide

chateau de targe

Les Fresnettes

Cuvée Les Fresnettes, featured for the fourth year running.  Ed PF
has produced a very promising 2007. True, the oak from the barrel-fermenting
is present, as much on the nose as on the palate, but it makes
it's presence felt with finesse and elegance, bringing out the fresh
citrus and peach flavours in a nice big mouthful. A year's patience
before drinking this wine will be well rewarded.

Saumur Champigny

The story of this château, a former hunting lodge of  Louis XIV's and
XV's personal secretaries, then residence of Jules Ferry,  Léon
Gambetta and Edgar Pisani, is like a resumé of France's political
history. In the same family since 1655, the domaine has been run by
EPF since 1978. "Classic Saumur Champigny, a perfect example of the
appellation" was the conclusion of your tasting panel. This cuvée has
an intense nose evocative of spices (licorice), red fruits
(raspberries) with just a hint of green pepper - a classic Loire
Cabernet nose in fact. And on the palate? Full and round with soft
tannins. Definitely a 'real' Saumur Champigny, worthy of being kept
2-3 years.

Coteaux de Saumur

Who'd believe this is EPF's first-ever Coteaux de Saumur? This 2007
dominates our selection and is one of the most delicious liquoreux
wines of all the appellations. A wine acclaimed as
exceptional due to its balance and an almost ethereal finesse despite
its undeniable richness.
A promisingly intense nose of crystalised fruits is confirmed on the
palate. It's all there - the
characteristic aromas of noble rot and perfectly ripe grapes, a soft
oakiness and of course the freshness and balance due to the limestone
soil. A great wine with good ageing potential.

September 2009: Cited on the Dusser-Gerber 2010 wine guide

September 2009: Cited on the Gilbert & Gaillard 2010 wine guide

chateau de targe

In the Gilbert & Gaillard Guide's 2010 release, Targé has been quoted four times:

Les Fresnettes 2007: 87/100
"Brilliant colour. Delicate, oaky, grilled nose, with notes of white fruit and vanilla. Powerful palate, amole, tight texture. If the oak is still very marked, it does not hide the very pure fruit flavour. A premium Saumur Blanc, still young."

Targé 2007: 87/100
"Deep youthful colour. Intense nose of ripe fruit, note of mineral. Concentrated palate with generous texture. Delicate tannins, fragrances very representative of Cabernet Franc. A nice Champigny."

Quintessence 2006: 90/100
"Deep colour.Rich, intense nose of red and black fruit (blackcurrant, gooseberry) against an oaky vanilla background. Ample, round palate with a velvety texture. A wine both powerful and elegant."

Coteaux de Targé 2007 : 92/100
"Golden luminous robe. Fine nose, with honey, acacia flowers and crystallized fruits. Mild mouth, full bodied, with a nice balance between freshness and sugar. Perfumes are expressive, delicates and complex. A model to respect."

July 2009 : Release of the Brut de Targ»

"White flowers, fresh, elegant, neat yet well matured..." here are the very first comments for this very first release of my sparkling wine, the Saumur Brut, elaborated on Cremant ( Champagne method ) standards !

When you know that it has been on laths only for one year, which means yet a little bit too young !

This cuvee has been harvested on the same parcels as "Les Fresnettes".

June 2009: Seen on

Susan Sterling, a passionate lover of wines, came on June 4th by bicycle and wrote about us in her wineblog, once back home in Ontario:
"After the Maison des Vins, I needed to get going, but not before I made one final stop in the tiny village of Parnay. There I was treated to a sampling of wines from Ch. de Targé. This winery is nearly bio-dynamic, and currently does not sell any of its wines in Ontario. This is a shame, because absolutely everything I tried was fantastic. The wine that stood out the most for me was ‘Quintessence’ 2005. 100% Cabernet Franc, it was fermented in new oak casks, and rings in at 14.5% alc. Opaque plum colour, with a high intensity nose of green pepper, baked black fruit, and some game notes. On the palate it was dry, with a full body, and flavours of dark fruit, tobacco, and smoke. Long, long length. Gorgeous. If you’re going to VinExpo in a few weeks, look for the house, they will be in Hall 1."

May 2009: International Wine & Spirits Challenge (London)

 Silver medal for the Quintessence de Targé 06

Bronze medal for les Fresnettes 07

April 2009: Sam Harrop MW Selection

The New Zealander oenologist comes now every year to select the Loire Cabernet Franc wines that are adapted to the international market standards. The Château de Targé 2007 has been selected as "ambassador for the GB Market". Here are his comments:
"Lovely wine. Nice ripe red fruits, clean and correct, commercial. Varietal - ripe expression, nice weight and acid crisp holds palate. Perfumed savoury notes elegant complex."

May 2009: Decanter World Wine Awards (London)

chateau de targe

 Silver medal for the Quintessence 2005

 Bronze medal for Les Fresnettes 2007

January 2009: Concours des vins d'Angers

chateau de targe

Liger d'Or for the Quintessence 2006
Liger de Bronze for the Côteaux de Saumur 2007

I realized this winter that the Domain already had 39 medals in ten years's time, with no less than 27 between Angers and Mâcon, the two most sought after contests... Two more medals today!

List of our medals since 1998

As this file is in French, the following should help you to understand our magnific language:

Or = Gold

Argent = Silver

Bronze = Bronze

Très bien = Very good

Bien = Good

Other information:

- In our region, the "Salon des vins de Loire" in Angers and the "Concours de Mâcon" are the most important competitions.

- At the end of the document, you will see the guides in which our wines are seen.

Thank you for the interest you show for our wines!

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